Top 10 Advantages of Quality Content on a Website

The late 20th century saw the rise of the Internet which slowly ushered in the digital age. The 21st century saw the digital age being incorporated into peoples’ daily lives. Since people live in the digital era, they spend most of their time on iPhones, Androids, iPads, and other digital devices which the Internet easily operates on. About 26% of American adults are always online and approximately 77% of American adults use the Internet daily. Globally, 3.7 billion people access the Internet on mobile devices at least once a day.

The Internet is very open in nature and this has flooded global societies with information. It also ushered in the information era. The age of information has made it necessary for business owners to have websites which are full of content since ‘content is king.’ Most people want to be fully informed about a product or service before they make a purchasing decision and content is the only way you (as a business owner) can provide this information.

Good content will brand your products and services

Ten Benefits Of Having Good Content On A Website

If you don’t have a business website with good content on it, your business is not going to survive in the long-run given the competitive nature of industries. But just having lots of information about the benefits of your products and services on your website is not enough. You need to do content marketing in order to see your business thrive. This is because many other online businesses exist in your industry and your customers and prospects can easily go to them if they are not satisfied with the messages you are sending them about the benefits of what you sell through your content. Read further to learn about the ten benefits of having good content on a website:

You’ll Get More Traffic And Conversions

If your website is loaded with content that tells intriguing and emotional stories about your products and services and the value your customers will get out of them, people will stick around on your site longer. What’s even better is that many of them will make purchases from your site on the first visit. This is especially true if your content clearly explains how your products and services will solve their pain points.

Did you know that online websites that are content rich enjoy 13x more positive ROI in comparison to their content poor competitors? It may also interest you to know that 72% of content marketers who market the products and services of their various corporate clients attribute their amazing success to content marketing. That’s a lot and since most people are searching for the products and services which your company sells online, you need good content.

Good Content Will Brand Your Products And Services

A brand is an image or thought that comes to your customers’ minds when they hear your products and services being mentioned. Great content will create a great image for your customers. What’s more is that content that builds up a good brand can also communicate value about the particular products or services to your customers. Customers tend to purchase items or services which give them a lot of real value.

Effective Content Has Educational Value

People will only buy from you if they know that your products and services will solve their issues – this creates real value for them. You can write content that explains the issues and challenges your customers are facing and the ways in which your products and services can resolve these! Content is effective only if it’s engaging. Because 72% of content marketers attribute engaging content to website stickiness and mass conversions, you’re wasting your time if your web content is not engaging. Another 72% of content marketers say that engaging content substantially increases the leads their clients get.

You Can Build A Loyal Audience

If your content accurately communicates the ways in which your products and services can help your customers, they will trust you and make repeat purchases from you. This is called customer loyalty and it is a key ingredient in building up the customer base your online business needs to survive. It will also help search engine bots notice your web pages and site, especially if your content is interesting and engaging.

Customers Will Come To You More Often And Give You Referrals

As mentioned earlier, good content builds trust and customer loyalty, loyal customers stay with you and will eventually make most of their purchases from your company. Since people do business with companies that they like and trust, they will soon be telling everyone they know about your company and its products and services. You’ll soon find that most of your new business will come from these referrals.

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You’ll Become The Respected Authority And Leader In Your Industry

If you consistently publish content that is reliable and accurate, your customers will realize that you are an expert at what you do and that your products and services are perfect for them. They will also know that you ‘know what you’re talking about’ and will respect your information and opinions. This is how you become a respected industry authority and leader.

The Sales Funnel Will Move Quickly

If customers know that your products and services are effective in resolving their challenges and problem issues, they will immediately buy from you. Your sales funnel will move quickly because people will buy from your website the minute they land. You’ll essentially have many conversions.

Strong Following And Customer Base

If your blog page is full of great posts with interesting, relevant, and useful information and good keywords which are strategically placed, it will rank high on organic search engine results. In fact, the latest Internet research indicates that 10% of blog sites are compounding in that they attract more and more visitors with time. They also generate 38% of total website traffic.

You need to know that most people who visit your site will share your blog content online, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means you will get residual marketing and your business, products, and services will have exposure to a much wider (and global) audience. Since this is the truth in the digital world, 53% of content marketers say that creating quality blog content is their number one priority! But length matters in the world of blogging.

Blogs have the ‘goldilocks rule’ in that they must be just right in length. Blogs which are too short will not be informative enough and will turn visitors away. Blogs that are too long will overwhelm readers. The average effective blog post is 1142 words long.

Content Creates Stickiness

Visitors will stay on your website if it is loaded with great content that is interesting, intriguing, relevant and useful. This is referred to as stickiness and is a major factor that drives conversions. This is especially true if the content has quality images. Research indicates that more people will view content with top quality images and they will stay on the web pages/site(s) longer.

Another way images benefit your website is in the greater visibility it will get because more people will share it on other websites, especially on major social media platforms which hundreds of millions of people around the world see daily! In fact, researchers who work for Forbes say that 84% of their respondents have found images and infographics to be more effective in creating the quality and powerful content that creates stickiness!

Your Website Will Get Top Ranking in Terms Of SEO

Websites with lots of quality content are noticed by search engine bots and receive top ranking on organic search results (SEO). These sites tend to be more interactive because of the nature of their content and 93% of content marketers believe interactive content is a key way to do marketing in the digital world. Since search engine bots tend to rank websites that are full of engaging content (and relevant keywords) highly on search engines, accurate and engaging content is crucial for your online business to survive.

If you are still not convinced, you should know that 95% of people online stop at the first page of search engine results and most only look at the top 5 highest ranked websites. You need to make sure that your website appears as close to the top of the first page of search engine results for this reason! Furthermore, half of the people online only click on the top 3 search engine results!


Content is king’ in today’s information age because customers are picky. Your website will get lots of traffic and customers only if it has content that is relevant, useful, interesting, and engaging!

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