UI/UX Design

In matters relating to the accessibility and use of your mobile app or website, a user interface that makes your website or mobile app meet the need of your customers is essential. However, that is not enough. Apart from the fact that your website needs to be accessible and easy to read, use and traverse, the overall experience of your users is more necessary if you want to reach out to new customers and retain your existing client base. That's where UI/UX design comes in.

Without mincing words, UI and UX design are the terms that stand for User Interface and User Experience design, respectively. While the former is used to simplify interactions and make your site or app easy to understand and use, the latter identifies the problems your customers face when they use your app or website. Following this discovery, the latter solve them and give your users a great experience.

Every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100 (ROI = 9,900%)
39% will stop engaging with content when the images won't load or the loading time takes too long
70% of people look at lists with bullet points. 55% look at lists without bullet points.
85% of adults think that a company's mobile website should be as good or better than their desktop website
If a website needs more than 3 seconds to load, 40% leave the website.

UI/UX Solutions Can Supercharge Your Brand

The reality of possessing a website for your business online is that it represents your brand and displays what it stands for. The fantastic thing about great UI/UX is that It does not have to be sophisticated or overcrowded. The user experience can be simple, eye-catching, but, most notably, the proper process can skyrocket your conversions! Mobile-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing graphics would not only fascinate your lead, but the incredible experience can convert your prospects into your buying audience right on your mobile app or website. This results in tremendous all-around success for your brand.

Why Choose Us?

Our designers have worked with an array of web and mobile user interfaces. Therefore, you can trust that we know exactly what works and how to get converting results through UI/UX strategy. When you do choose us, we provide you with every piece of information vital to the progress of the project and go hard and give you the best solutions.

Deep Research

We believe in the power of research. As a result, our designers are at the forefront of trends and technology. As a result, we stay ahead of the curve with a constant eye on the future.


Our team is highly experienced at creating personalized designs that perfectly fit your brand. We believe in delivering a unique solution with a strong sense of your brand’s personality and values.

Design Elements

We have experience designing for various industries, including tech, finance, pharmaceuticals, eCommerce, and more! Our designers know the latest trends and how to make them work for you.


We specialize in user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design with expertise in web design and development and designing for devices like phones and tablets.

Bringing Business & Brand Together

Your business and brand are two entities that need to be brought together for your company to achieve enormous commercial success. We can help you do that by uniting them towards a common goal via UI/UX design; and, as a result, make your company an inspiration to people out there. We can help you do that via the following:

Mobile App UI/UX Design

When it comes to mobile apps, not only should the service be fantastic - the interface and overall user experience has to be outstanding too. This is what attracts customers and gets them hooked. That is to say, with us, we can help you generate new leads and reach out to new customers by creating a perfect UI/UX design.

Website UI/UX Design

It is reported that more than 80% of online shoppers say they wouldn't return to a website after having a bad user experience. But that will not be the case if you hire us today. Our skilled professionals are ready to help you design the perfect UI/UX for your business website and make sure that it leads to great results!

SaaS UI/UX Design

We can also make your software's user interface and experience something to write home about. Because software as a service is a way of providing and licensing cloud-hosted software as a subscription; the user experience and interface of the SaaS environment must be carefully considered and treated. Fortunately, that's one of our expertise.

Desktop App UI/UX Design

Creating a user-friendly interface for your desktop app that is easy to traverse and use, coupled with a great deal of experience is the least of what we can do. To take your business and brand to another level, we are committed to providing the best UI/UX design for you and ensuring that your clients feel the great experience.

Our Process

To make your customers and the users of your app, software, or website comfortable and happy to enjoy a great deal of user experience, we follow a well-defined and proven process to ensure the success of what we do. And these include:

Requirement gathering

The first step of our process is to gather the requirement needed to make what you want a reality. With that in mind, we look at your brand's requirements, clients’ expectations, and what to do.


The research stage comes next. Here, our designing team looks, analyses and studies how your present system works, compares it to other proven systems, and proposes probable solutions.


The wireframe is one of the crucial steps that sum up our process. This is the framework of the eventual interface. We ensure the wireframe is perfect before moving to the prototype.


After wireframing it, we create an accessible prototype that you can check to assess the functionality and responsiveness of the pages, the flow, and the overall experience.


Part of what makes us stand out is that we deliver moments before the set deadline. So be rest assured that you'll get your work on time because that's what makes our process complete.
I was satisfied with speed optimization for my e-shop. It is now much faster. They also helped me to fix some visual problems with the theme
Klaudia Sumegova
The way they deal with their clients is really awesome. They designed my site beautifully without losing any detail I provided. I feel the quality of their work is excellent
Dheeraj S.

What People Say

In reference to our dedication to customer service, we have here some excerpts of what our esteemed clients have to say about Code Hawker services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do UI/UX designers do?
The work of a UI/UX designer is to create a friendly and enjoyable user interface that satisfies the needs of users, solves their product's problems, and answers their questions. The good news is that's what we do.
Why should businesses invest in UI/UX designs?
With the help of a good UI/UX design, you will indeed generate new leads, boost your ROI and deliver better products.
Do mobile applications follow UI/UX design principles?
According to a recent stat, it is reported that 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience. That is to say; not all applications follow UI/UX designs. The result speaks for itself. If you follow the principles, you are not going to regret it.
What is the price of your UI/UX designing service?
The cost of our UI/UX design depends on what you want. But be rest assured that it is affordable. Contact us today for more details.
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