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The act of creating and distributing content consistently and in quick succession is undoubtedly an essential part of online marketing that every business can't grow without. However, marketers often fail to realize that creating good content is not only about sharing value alone.

Your content strategy should be channeled into engaging your target audience and drawing them in for better connection and engagement. Your content isn't all that you need. Rather, your effective content marketing goes on to build your brand a loyal audience by attracting your audience, literally drawing them into a destination, which could be your website, mail, or blog.

Nearly 80% of B2B marketers report having a content marketing strategy
95% of B2B customers view content as a marker of trust when evaluating a business
Content marketing creates three times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 64% less.
86% of B2B companies outsourced content creation, and 30% outsourced content distribution

Educate And Generate More Leads With Content Marketing

Content is present everywhere, whether in text, audio, or visuals, your brand's content inclusive. Therefore, to make the difference that you envision, begin a process of rebranding your content. Let's have you deliver content that is not simply being informative but created with deliberate intention to convert your audience into leads for your business.

With content marketing, we can help you leverage your content's power to influence your target into taking their first step into your lead generating and engagement funnel. This could be your website, podcast, blog, or email newsletter. Let's assist you in making this process a win-win for you and your audience; educate, engage and attract them for a better relationship with a trustworthy brand like yours.

Why Choose Us?

We have the skills and experience needed to create engaging content for your business. We'll work with you to create a content marketing program tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Team of professionals

Whether in visuals, text, or audio (podcasts), we've got a group of talented creators who are available to create any content you request for when you team up with us at Code Hawker.

Experienced content creators

We do not just create ANY kind of content, but one with high quality and potential for a high conversion rate. Our professionals are of the best in their respective creative fields.

Not dependent on one platform

We ensure that our content marketing strategy is all-encompassing and can serve your needs by using different platforms to foster a robust customer-business relationship.

Invest time in research

Creating quality and original content that'll appeal to your audience entails deep research. We understand this, so we must conduct proper research before creating content.

Reporting and analytics

We create a monthly progress report of the content marketing process to measure our marketing success. This way, we can track how much your content is worth with the target audience.


Our customer support service prioritizes our client's needs. Therefore, our support team has got their hands on deck to attend to your concerns about your marketing process.

Level Up Your Business With Content Marketing

When you team up with Code Hawker to pursue effective content marketing, you can be assured of expertly developed content marketing tactics that'll multiply your revenue. This is the best giant step that your business needs to level up and outshine competitors. If you've got any more questions regarding your brand's best content marketing strategy, do not hesitate to reach our team. Contact us to get detailed information about our service and how you can begin.
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Our process

Here is a breakdown of the proven step-by-step process involved in our content marketing services.


Good research is the bedrock of our well-developed content marketing process. This births our quality results and top-notch performances.


We create and develop a strategy of customized content that is built around your brand's vision and goals in connection to your audience.


After content creation, our experienced strategists begin to distribute and promote your content online in key platforms that your target audience dominates.

Track and improve

We manage our clients' accounts and compile a monthly report that reveals the marketing process's impact and changes to be made.
I was satisfied with speed optimization for my e-shop. It is now much faster. They also helped me to fix some visual problems with the theme
Klaudia Sumegova
The way they deal with their clients is really awesome. They designed my site beautifully without losing any detail I provided. I feel the quality of their work is excellent
Dheeraj S.

What People Say

In reference to our dedication to customer service, we have here some excerpts of what our esteemed clients have to say about Code Hawker services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is a business promotion tool that entails creating and calculating the distribution of valuable content to draw in and retain a brand's target audience.
Can content marketing help me generate leads for my business?
Definitely, content marketing is an efficient way to generate leads for your business by attracting them to your destination website through valuable content.
Is content marketing a slow process?
Yes. A strong content marketing strategy requires time and patience to yield the best results.
Which platform is best for content marketing?
This depends on the kind of product or business you're trying to market. We use the best-performing marketing platform to promote your content.
What is the cost of your content marketing service?
The cost of our content marketing service is not fixed but flexible, according to your content marketing project that you need professional help with.
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