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Businesses have already taken advantage of technology- an example being the introduction of technology in their relationship with customers, which is why they are using mobile apps. This proves how well they rely on technology.

Today, there are many different mobile applications tailored to suit certain purposes. More than 6 billion people worldwide use various mobile devices, and these apps have been developed to make things easier for them. They can also fit people's needs or provide entertainment

39% Of Mobile Phone Users Prefer shopping On An App because it is perceived to be more user-friendly and is faster.
50% Of People in the world admit that a good app builds brand credibility.
Sharing information about your products and services becomes hassle-free
26% of consumers out there often begin their search on branded apps
A website acts as a contact point where customers can reach out to you anytime through the contact form or contact details on the website

Why your business needs a mobile app

Many memory-defining moments put smiles on our faces when we go down memory lane like the Facebook app plays a pivotal role in making. Connecting you to memorable moments from the past is only possible through the social app's technological advancements that brought in such possibilities. The fact that more than 90 percent of the world are smartphone users means the right mobile app can go a long way in boosting your sales and making your business accessible to a larger audience. However, this can only work with the proper process.

With our help, you can begin your journey to being a more credible brand by developing a mobile app for your business. We are a team of experienced and talented professionals, highly skilled in developing mobile apps for Android, iOS, and the web. Because we give solutions to people who want to move ahead with technology and want to establish a robust online presence, we have worked with several big brands and have created several hi-tech apps that our clients have been proud of. Mobile apps offer far-reaching benefits for your business, and we should inform you on how this enhances your brand's growth.

Ease of Use

What makes us unique is that we create all kinds of apps. We develop them all from educational apps to business apps and many more. Apart from that, our apps are simple and easy to use with a fantastic user interface and experience.

Lightweight Apps

Over 50% of app users uninstall various apps because they consume too much data or take a large share of their device memory away. Our apps are not like that. Without consuming too much space and data, they are moderate and fantastic.

User Experience First

It's reported that close to 58% of users are affected by an app's complex process and overall performance. That's why our apps are simple with no complex registration process and zero performance issues ranging from crashes to freezing and other errors.

Privacy and Security

When people feel insecure and not safe, they tend to find safety. So we develop apps that do not make people feel insecure to make your business move forward. Instead, they feel safe when they use what we create and happily accept the terms and conditions.

Make your brand stronger

Having a solid web presence isn't enough to make your brand a force to reckon with. To build a stronger brand, one vital step is to make people aware of what you have to offer. And with a mobile app, you can do that, reach out to new customers and engage with existing ones. Your mobile app is the software representation of your brand and what it stands for in many ways. With our mobile app developers, you can be assured that the app will be compatible with all devices to grow your business.

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Website For Every Need

While the everyday conversation about website creation exists predominantly among business owners, it is essential to emphasize that websites serve various purposes. Therefore, we create all kinds of websites for every need, as website creation is unlimited in its purpose. Below are the different categories of websites that we create;


Knowing how easy it is for people to attach ingenuity to businesses that lack online visibility, we make it stress-free for business prospects to find you, discover what you do, thereby earning the 'legitimate business' picture.


We also specialize in building websites that house an extensive collection of your work. With this, you get to showcase your best selections to the world and guide prospective clients to understand your professional information.

Our Process

Our skilled professionals are keen on a superb customer experience and client satisfaction. We do not just work; we ensure that we tailor our process towards proven methods that lead to quality delivery and results. Every business has got its uniqueness. Therefore we treat this especially by keeping you updated during your website design and development. Together, we will help solve your challenges and grow your business into a profitable and formidable enterprise.
I was satisfied with speed optimization for my e-shop. It is now much faster. They also helped me to fix some visual problems with the theme
Klaudia Sumegova
The way they deal with their clients is really awesome. They designed my site beautifully without losing any detail I provided. I feel the quality of their work is excellent
Dheeraj S.

What People Say

In reference to our dedication to customer service, we have here some excerpts of what our esteemed clients have to say about Code Hawker services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would it cost me to build cost a website?
Every website has its peculiarity. To determine the cost of your website, we will have discussions with you regarding the details of your business and then give you the cost based on the kind of website that would suit your business. Our services are quite affordable, with cost-effective options that'll give you the best quality of what you choose.
Will I be involved in the process?
This is all about you and your business. Definitely, you will be involved in the process, from the inception till your website is ready to be launched.
Who writes the content of the website?
This depends on your choice. If you need help with the continuous delivery of written content for your website after its launch, our team of content and copywriters are always ready to take up the task.
Will you train me on how to update my website subsequently?
Definitely, the team will provide you with every vital information you need to keep your website running. Before the development is done, you will learn how to make updates on the backend of your website without the need for professional assistance.
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
With the number of mobile users present on the internet, we always ensure that our websites are easily accessible and look perfect on different kinds of devices.

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