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With the increased inflow of netizens in the virtual space in this day and age, the need for a solid online presence remains a subject of utmost importance for online brand business owners who step beyond the status quo and scale higher. While the world has evolved and a large percentage of online audiences understand the importance of a website to any business, it is no surprise that most business owners seem to downplay the effectiveness of a web presence.

However, with the current trend of the informed audience online, one of the best ways brands can communicate their identity tenet to a larger audience is by owning a great website. Therefore, understanding the importance of a web presence and given the indifference of some business owners, it is essential to establish the importance of a web presence for your growing idea or business.
84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible
With a website, it becomes easy to get customers from Google
Sharing information about your products and services becomes hassle-free
People find businesses with website more professional than businesses without website
A website acts as a contact point where customers can reach out to you anytime through the contact form or contact details on the website

Creating the Digital Identity for Your Business

Considering the level of credibility, brand visibility, and lead generation benefits that comes with owning a website, it is safe to say that websites have moved from being just passive informative media. Today, a website has become a viable instrument that helps business owners connect with millions of prospects with little effort. However, the prerequisite of replicating such success in a modern marketplace is a professional website design strategy.

Having known the prerequisite to making a prospect transform to an end-user, our team of professionals at Code Hawker is susceptible to transforming your website, whether existing and or new, into a leading, functional website. With a complete understanding of the principles of lead generating and conversion websites, our web development team keeps up with the best options while moving with the dynamic trends in the digital space, all for the growth of your website.

While every business owner is encouraged to make the process a notch higher by owning a website, it is equally important to point out that your website functionality is not just to create business visibility online. It also involves driving traffic to your site, turning prospects into users, and, most importantly, sustaining them.

Likewise, it is undeniable that the first impression made is essential for converting traffic to lead. But, unfortunately, several websites do not succeed at impressing prospects, mainly due to poorly constructed content or ineffective call to action, among others. With an experienced team of web developers, designers, marketers, and content writers, we pay close attention to the minutest detail to make your website the perfect package for your business.

Why choose us?

We are skilled in providing corporate quality designs in relation to your brand's preferences and consideration of your target market. We offer you an entire web branding process at a super cost-effective price.

Modern Design

People are drawn in by visually appealing imagery. Therefore, we create visual elements that make your website attractive and inviting.

Fast Loading

It is essential to keep your prospects attentive. Therefore, we create super-fast websites to keep them relaxed while navigating.

Mobile Responsive

A large number of users access the internet through their mobile. Therefore, we make sure your website looks good on mobile as well as tablet.

Secure and Scalable

We use the latest versions of frameworks and applications to keep your website secure and safe to use while giving you the flexibility to scale.

SEO Ready

What's a great website without optimization? We optimize your website before the delivery to make sure you get organic traffic from day one.

User Experience Focused

We understand the power of design and user experience to marry with an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, we commit to making this feasible.

Our Process

We use our 4-steps process to create awesome websites for brands that are looking to stand out in today's world. With our help, these companies can establish a high level of customer satisfaction and see increased revenue.


We work closely with clients to identify their needs. This includes understanding their business objectives, timeline and budget before etching out a strategy to execute.


We design your personalized website and investigate different versions of it to find what suits you the most. We want you to feel comfortable navigating on a customized site.


Here the design that you love will be transformed into a fully functioning live website. Our team will make sure your website is perfect, optimized, and ready to go live on the web.


Your website will undergo a formal testing stage at the last minute before it is launched. This last checkpoint will incorporate any feedback or changes you have for us.

We design websites that get more customers

The internet has witnessed the transition of local services into the digital space and the dramatic success that follows excellent processes tested by brands who dare to take bold decisions regarding a solid online presence. As you decide to create a website for your business, we ensure that your website levels up to the world accessibility standard. Your website success story evolves from its ability to connect potential clients to your website, which is a significant target for us at Code Hawker. 
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Website For Every Need

While the everyday conversation about website creation exists predominantly among business owners, it is essential to emphasize that websites serve various purposes. Therefore, we create all kinds of websites for every need, as website creation is unlimited in its purpose. Below are the different categories of websites that we create;

Business Website

Knowing how easy it is for people to attach ingenuity to businesses that lack online visibility, we make it stress-free for business prospects to find you, discover what you do, thereby earning the 'legitimate business' picture.

Portfolio Website

We also specialize in building websites that house an extensive collection of your work. With this, you get to showcase your best selections to the world and guide prospective clients to understand your professional information.

E-Commerce Website

Take your e-commerce business to the next level with a website designed by Code Hawker. Our skilled developers build e-commerce websites that give your products better exposure and allow you to make unlimited revenue from a sea of buyers.

Web Application

We create web apps that are user-friendly and intuitive. They can be customized to suit your business needs and there is no need to worry about the technical aspects of the development process since we take care of that for you.

Our Process

Our skilled professionals are keen on a superb customer experience and client satisfaction. We do not just work; we ensure that we tailor our process towards proven methods that lead to quality delivery and results. Every business has got its uniqueness. Therefore we treat this especially by keeping you updated during your website design and development. Together, we will help solve your challenges and grow your business into a profitable and formidable enterprise.

Requirement Gathering

We'll set up a meeting with you to discuss your brand aspirations and figure out what goals you want to achieve. That way we can make sure the website achieves those for you as well.

Discussion & Research

Internal discussions are another crucial part of this process. After that, our team looked into ways to source needed information and opportunities, which allowed us to set out a proven strategy.

UI/UX Design

We marry your brand identity and customer value to create a website design engaging for users. We constantly make necessary adjustments until you are happy with the results.


After you approve the website design, our frontend and backend developers will move on to development. They will implement all the best web development practices to make your website functional.

Go live and monitoring

Your site maintenance remains an integral part of its development. Therefore, we are always ready to switch things up by your requests, shifting, and careful deliberation.

We Are Not Limited To One Technology

I was satisfied with speed optimization for my e-shop. It is now much faster. They also helped me to fix some visual problems with the theme
Klaudia Sumegova
The way they deal with their clients is really awesome. They designed my site beautifully without losing any detail I provided. I feel the quality of their work is excellent
Dheeraj S.

What People Say

In reference to our dedication to customer service, we have here some excerpts of what our esteemed clients have to say about Code Hawker services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be involved in the process?
This is all about you and your business. Definitely, you will be involved in the process, from the inception till your website is ready to be launched.
Who writes the content of the website?
This depends on your choice. If you need help with the continuous delivery of written content for your website after its launch, our team of content and copywriters are always ready to take up the task.
Will you train me on how to update my website subsequently?
Definitely, the team will provide you with every vital information you need to keep your website running. Before the development is done, you will learn how to make updates on the backend of your website without the need for professional assistance.
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
With the number of mobile users present on the internet, we always ensure that our websites are easily accessible and look perfect on different kinds of devices.
What is the price of your website development service?
Every website has its peculiarity. To determine the cost of your website, we will have discussions with you regarding the details of your business and then give you the cost based on the kind of website that would suit your business. Our services are quite affordable, with cost-effective options that'll give you the best quality of what you choose.
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