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If you haven’t created a website for your business back in 90’s then you know how hard it is to get found or to make a reputable presence online. It’s harder nowadays to stand out or let alone climb to the top.

That’s where we jump in. Here, at Code Hawker we strive to find a perfect solution for your need or your business need. We are a helping hand for every person who wants to stand out of the crowd. Our team of developers, designers and marketing experts are ready to boost your business. In a way, you can relax and enjoy seeing your business grow while playing your favorite game or liking memes on social media.

How We Do It?

With Our Services​

Code Hawker is not just about delivering the solution to a problem, we are more than that as we aim for satisfaction. To give you that feeling of satisfaction, we give you a tailored solution by following a 3-step process; diagnosing your requirement, finding the perfect solution and sustaining the changes.

To do that we have 4 core services; website development, graphic designing, SEO and marketing. We give you a perfect solution by blending all four at once.

What makes Us Different?

Original Ideas

We don't believe in copied stuff. We create our own ideas.

Fast Workaround

Never wasting a minute to deliver what we promised.


Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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What They Say

I was satisfied with speed optimization for my eshop. It is now much more faster. They also helped me to fix some visual problems with the theme.

Klaudia Sumegova

The way they deal with their clients is really awesome. They designed my site beautifully without losing any detail I provided. I feel the quality of their work is excellent.

Sandra K,
Paloma Shopway

VERY professional web designer with quick responses and good job done.

Sky Prime Hong Kong

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Top 10 Advantages Of Quality Content On A Website

Top 10 Advantages of Quality Content on a Website

The late 20th century saw the rise of the Internet which slowly ushered in the digital age. The 21st century saw the digital age being incorporated into peoples’ daily lives. Since people live in the digital era, they spend most of their time on iPhones, Androids, iPads, and other digital devices which the Internet easily operates on.

Online Presence Title Image

5 Benefits of Having an Online Presence For a Business

In this digital age, maintaining an online presence is crucial for any business. Whether your company conducts business online or offline, you reap significant benefits. Your customers and potential customers expect to see you online when searching for your services.

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