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As the digital marketplace gets more competitive with new and existing businesses, brand owners have struggled to build sustainable and long-lasting strategies to stay relevant and keep up with the wavy dynamics of managing a profitable business online. Whether for small, medium, or large-scale enterprises, content writing is one of the most common components of digital marketing that business owners use to stay connected to content consumers.

From blog posts to website content, content creation for social media posts, and more, compelling content has an unrivaled role in establishing a connection between the target audience and your business. Resulting from extensive research and skillful construction of customer-centric content, the art of content writing produces impressive success rates for various businesses.

code hawker content writing service

As a proven content marketer, we are offering to produce attention-grabbing and profit-making content for your web business. Content that perfectly fits your style, represents your personality and your business brand, encapsulates your vision and your audience needs. Content that is perfectly SEO optimized so that you can take advantage of Google’s free traffic and connect and compel them to buy.

If that piques your interest, let us know! We would love to chat about your business goals and see how we can create the right content strategy for higher and continuous conversion rate for your business.

Creating Effective and Converting Content for Your Business

Given the importance that contends writing holds in marketing for businesses, the different kinds of writing across the web are expected. The content on the internet ranges from being either informative to entertaining or majorly to converting the internet audience into potential buyers. However, the distinguishing elements between the wide range of written content present online are glaringly noticeable in the quality of such content.

Effective, compelling content should be a combination of being informative, connecting, compelling, and very engaging, seasoned with the correct elements of search engine optimization. Your business should enjoy every bit of these elements so that you can enjoy the results in conversion for your business. It is easy to settle for the regular and decline investing in luxury content. However, it is sacrosanct for you to take progressive steps towards creating compelling content that thrives and nothing less. This is what our team of seasoned and savvy content writers offer to you at Code Hawkers.

Why Choose Us?

We possess a track record of creating attention-grabbing and coercive written content that'll serve as a point of contact between you and your target audience. Using high-converting words, we explore their pain points and proffer relatable solutions to keep them connected.

100% Unique Content

Every piece of writing available on the web stems from the writer's research. Our writers have developed their skilled voices and consistently create unique writings by their needs and requests for our clients.

Fast Delivery

No procrastination, no lagging. Your content will be superbly written and delivered promptly at the agreed period. Our conversion-oriented content is always created and submitted swiftly by our super-fast writers.

Proper Understanding

To avoid a bad case of poor time usage and lost productivity, we are always keen on getting the main idea of what you expect to see in your content. We encourage intensive communication before any piece of writing is done to avoid misinterpretation.

Extensive Research

What's a great piece without deep research? Be rest assured that our Code Hawkers' written content results from thorough research and verified information. No mediocre writing is tainted with common knowledge when you trust us with your content.

SEO Seasoned

Our professional services involve producing great content for your target audience and keep you optimized for search engines so that they don't to miss out on your delicious offers. The bottom line is to create converting content, to drive in more sales.

Customer Satisfaction

There's no better feeling in business than when you are assured of receiving excellent results from your investment. We provide satisfactory service by delivering perfectly written content for you with no need for multiple revisions. We prioritize quality.

We Make Content Writing Easy and Productive

Great content converts and brings in more sales, and as a result, your business experiences growth. Our content writing services are structural towards individual business needs. This means that we've got a team of informed creators with adequate knowledge of how to grow your business significantly with high-quality content.

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We Create Any Type of Content

At Code Hawker, our professional writing services are shaped to match any content our clients' requests for their business needs.

Article Writing

Incorporating millennial creativity into our article writing service, we provide you with informative and beautifully crafted articles to the satisfaction of your readers and new audience.

Creative Writing

Our creative writing service is simply artistic. Laced with humor and crafted with inner inspiration, our creative writings are prepared to entertain your audience and not bore them odd.


Copywriters at Code Hawkers excel at creating appealing copies that'll convert your visitors into buyers. Our copywriters are specialists who are experienced with writing in different styles for your purpose.

SEO Content

Our team uses only the best SEO tools to gather data to enhance our keyword efficiency. We do not craft boring SEO content; if our optimization has brought in a person of interest, our content must fascinate and retain them.

Technical Writing

Now that tech is gaining more momentum for future dominance, our technical writers are more invested in learning and implementing the easiest methods to convey complex information to your audience.

Social Media Content

We keep your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter audience entertained with consistent fun updates about trending topics that'll keep them connected to the brand's appearance as being legitimate.

Our Process is Tailored For Every Business

Structurally built for any business, including Agencies, brands, companies, and more, our process for all clients involves:


The team meets to clarify your goals and aspirations, after which our team carries out extensive research regarding the background information provided.


At this stage, we draft out a content strategy that would include content ideas and topics that would meet our client's volume request and set them up for low competition.


This is pretty straightforward. After we have mapped out the steps, we settle in to write the best content for our business with targeted keyword optimization.


This is an essential step in our content writing process. It is important to analyze performances and restructure the content for better results.
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