Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Every business has a particular target audience in the market, and the good news is that the customers that make up your target market are actually everywhere. It's no news that your business goal is to stay profitable by providing solutions to people's needs. Likewise, there are willing customers who consistently seek after the best and most credible people to provide sustainable services to meet their needs.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to invest in proven marketing strategies involving concise and targeted adverts that'll make your products visible and convincing enough for your target customer to purchase. This is exactly what search engine marketing (SEM) offers your business. From keyword optimization to your ad copy quality and PPC ads, a winning SEM strategy will have you in less in no time.

96% of marketers spend money on search ads
PPC ads return $2 for every dollar invested
65% of consumers click on PPC ads
PPC converts 50% better

Market Your Business to the whole wide world

With more than a billion Google searches per month, it is evident that your consumers are indeed active online. With a better search engine marketing strategy, we are determined to help you attain the top 1% on the search Engine Results Page (SERP) and have your customers find you more easily. From there, we receive quality traffic that'll make the decision to purchase.

Google Search Ads

Increase your business reach to a wider virtual audience with Google's online ads program. While organic search works just well for businesses, we can help you to boost the brand's visibility and attract a better volume of purchasing audience through our reliable Pay-Per-Click ads targeting and highly effective search engine campaigns.

Google Display Ads

Visuals are better at captivating your virtual audience than regular text, and this is why Google Display ads work so well. With specific audience targeting, we can make your google display ads pop up on your prospect's screen at the perfect time, with an attention-grabbing display that'll influence them to check out what you've got to offer.

YouTube Ad

Getting your ads up on YouTube is another fantastic choice for marketing your products or services visually. Using consumer-centric video content, we target a large audience on YouTube and position your video ads to the quality leads that have been targeted from our market surveys. From there, we help you engage and effectively convert the prospects.

Google Shopping Ads

With Shopping ads, Google gives you a better chance at getting a click from an intending buyer of your product. Shopping ads provide your prospects with the most important information about the product they are about to purchase. More often than not, the target audience makes the decision to buy after seeing a picture of the product and price well spelled out.

Why Choose Us?

Our SEM team has got the mandate to make every penny you spend on targeted ads count as we set your google ads campaign running with highly optimized ads that'll produce expected results of success. In addition to offering you affordable services, we make sure cost-effective techniques including PPC are maximized for superb results. Combining relevant content, keyword, and page optimization strategies, we're focused on marketing your business to the world, both to the virtual and local audience.

Experienced PPC team

With extensive experience in creating and launching PPC campaigns using proven methods, our PPC team drives relevant web traffic to your brand.

Guaranteed results

We maximize the success of our SEM campaigns by setting performance goals, with perfect audience targeting through keywords and demographics.

Dedicated account manager

Our Google account managers are dedicated individuals who provide regular updates from all SEM accounts, ensuring that the team keeps up with the latest trends to improve on.

Monthly reporting

Get far-reaching results with SEM's target-specific optimization process and ads visibility. Using the ideal keywords and optimized paid campaigns, we will help you get instant exposure and drive more traffic to your website, resulting in better conversion rates and credibility for your brand.

achieve higher levels of exposure and expand your customer base

Get far-reaching results with SEM's target-specific optimization process and ads visibility. Using the ideal keywords and optimized paid campaigns, we will help you get instant exposure and drive more traffic to your website, resulting in better conversion rates and credibility for your brand.
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Our Process is Tailored For Every Business

From our experience and results, we have full knowledge of the dos and avoidables in the process of Search Engine Marketing. We, at Code Hawker, can help to accelerate your business growth using our process.

Understanding Your Goal

Irrespective of the nature of your business, the first step to making a successful marketing campaign for you is to understand your brand's aspirations and target. We meet with you to discuss your business low points, and what you'd be able to invest into paid advertising.


Our experts will carry out extensive research to uncover details in your industry, audience's buyer persona, the level of competition you've got around. Afterward, we come up with the best techniques to set up a strategy with.

Campaign Setup

Resulting from our background research, we set your PPC campaigns from information gathered from optimization tools like Google Adwords and SEO results. At this stage, we have our strategy in place, structured to bring in guaranteed results.

Campaign Launch

We've got everything ready and it's time for your target ads to fly! With this, we'll kickstart the strategy that'll drive in paying customers to your website as the ads work to gather relevant data and attract google users to click.

Monitoring & Reporting

We keep an eye on the performances of the launched campaigns and analyze the results we have. We identify areas of improvement and implement them, modifying the prepared strategy. Then, we provide a monthly analysis report of your SEM accounts.
I was satisfied with speed optimization for my e-shop. It is now much faster. They also helped me to fix some visual problems with the theme
Klaudia Sumegova
The way they deal with their clients is really awesome. They designed my site beautifully without losing any detail I provided. I feel the quality of their work is excellent
Dheeraj S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Marketing or PPC?
Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves the use of paid advertising to increase a brand's outreach and visibility.
Why must companies use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Companies must use Search Engine Marketing because it is one technique that has been tested severally by thousands of businesses and has been proven to produce sporadic results.
How would I know if Search Engine Marketing is right for my company?
Are you still seeking ways to get the right kind of customers to visit your website and actually purchase your products, or you'd still love it if more people were to be informed about your brand while you stay beyond the reach of your competitors? If yes, then SEM is for you.
Why do I need Search Engine Marketing when I already have SEO?
While SEO and SEM might look similar, they actually operate on different levels of fruitful marketing. SEM uses different marketing techniques to draw your buyers in through your paid advertising and not using regular organic methods like everyone.
Why should I hire Code Hawker for my Search Engine Marketing campaigns?
You should hire Code Hawker because we've got experienced personnel whose SEM skillset can take your business to its peak at cost-effective means.
What is the cost of your Search Engine Marketing service?
Like other services that we offer, our SEM services are quite affordable for all kinds of projects. However, the price range for each varies. Kindly get in touch to discuss.
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