Top 10 Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2020

Are you a business owner trying to decide whether to market your goods and services online?
Are you experiencing a decline in sales and you want to reverse the trend?

Here is the news.

No business can succeed without marketing. The strategies may vary. But without strategic marketing, there will be no sales, so the company dies. Now, we want to show you the benefits of digital marketing for business.

But let's consider why you need to market your business first.

How Does Marketing Benefit A Business

How does marketing benefit a business?

Aggressive and strategic marketing will make your business flourish. It builds loyalty to your brand, giving you more customers and higher retention of the existing clients. That means you trade more goods and ultimately improve your business's bottom line.

So, the success of your business will depend to a large extent on your market strategy. And regardless of whether you have a small or large enterprise, marketing will benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. Promotes your brand and business reputation
  2. Allows you to understand your customers better through market research and analytics
  3. Enables you to show the uniqueness of your products and services, and,
  4. It creates and maintains a continuous relationship with your customers

Since marketing is the lifeline of your business, you may ask yourself, how do you promote the business?

And the answer is you can use either digital marketing or traditional marketing.
Let us show you how these two types of promoting or advertising your business differ.

What is traditional marketing?

Before the internet became ubiquitous, businesses used traditional marketing to promote and advertise products and services. You could advertise through print as fliers, brochures, pamphlets, and billboards, or send adverts to clients by postal mail. Alternatively, a business can broadcast the ads through TV and radio.

When you send the advert, you hope people will read or view it. So it is one-way communication aimed to present information about your products or services.

Contrast that with what happens in digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing involves using electronic media to promote your company's products and services. Here you use the internet and online-based digital technology.

With digital marketing, you aim to provide value to the audience. In India, about half a billion people have access to the internet, and they spend an average of one hour and 30 minutes each day on digital platforms.
So, you get more clients when you use digital media to promote your business.

And that brings us to why online marketing for businesses does so well.

Why is digital marketing so successful?

Technological, societal, and cultural changes have opened many opportunities for digital marketing. Nowadays, customers research and make their purchases online. You can use different channels, including email marketing, blogging, social media, mobile, search engine marketing, among others, to reach your clients. So, digital marketing is essential for every business today.

The wide selection of marketing tools makes digital marketing amenable to use by different levels of businesses, regardless of their budget lines. Your marketing strategy can use either digital marketing and traditional marketing tools or either.

However, there are many advantages of online marketing. We discuss the key benefits below.

Benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing has many benefits. It is versatile for different businesses. There is no one size fits all. Neither is it a one-off activity. So experiment with several approaches -tune to identify your best fit.

Digital Marketing Is Cost-Effective

One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is its cost. When you start a marketing campaign, you aim to reach most of your target audience at a minimal cost.

It's tough competing the big boys for ad space in a traditional marketing campaign. And it's tougher if you are a small business operating a shoestring budget.
However, digital marketing can fit any pocket size. With a great marketing plan, you reach many customers at a lower cost than in traditional marketing.

For instance, a newspaper or TV ad can cost your business millions of dollars. Market studies show that the cost of reaching 1000 people is 28 dollars through a TV ad and 25 cents through Facebook.

Digital Marketing Is Easy to Track

To know if you're achieving the objectives of your marketing effort, you must track results.
Let us explain this with a simple example. Let's say in the first case. You are using traditional marketing tools. You advertise your business through posters, flyers, newspapers, magazines, and so forth. Now your challenge here could be to know: which is the best method to use? You may wonder, how do you confirm if anybody read your billboard? How many people looked at your newspaper ad? Or your posters and fliers? It's impossible or complicated to know. But, you might have a slight idea if you ask the people who physically visit your business.

Now let's compare with an online digital marketing campaign. Many types of online digital marketing approaches are available to you. Still, for discussion, let's say you use Email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, or even Pay-Per-Click Advertising. For all these methods, you have web analytics and online metrics tools to give you detailed information on how clients respond to your advertising.

You can know who clicked on a specific link and how many visited your website and how long they took on each link they opened. With such a robust report, you can determine which approach generated the highest number of clients for your business. So, you are able to focus on the strategy that gets you the best conversion rates. We hope now you can see why digital marketing benefits your business.

If you want to track digital marketing results, or you want to start a marketing campaign from scratch, our team will be happy to assist you.

Better Targeting Options

Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing allows you to target the audience. You can target a local or international audience. Also, you can focus a campaign on a particular customer persona. For instance, you can tailor the drive to a particular gender, location, income level, or audience interests. Your resulting campaign will be most effective.

Multiple Options

Digital marketing offers many options you can use. As mentioned earlier, you can use email marketing, blogging, social media, mobile, SEO, and many more. Each of these approaches has unique attributes making it more suitable under given contexts. Often you may have to combine several methods.

Real-time Audience Response

The traditional marketing is one-way communication. You can showcase your products or services, but can't do anything beyond that. Digital marketing allows for two-way communication. Once clients see your products or services, you can get their immediate feedback. Then you can offer solutions to their problems in real-time. You can, for instance, explain to them how to use a particular product.

The direct contact creates a personal relationship with your customers. And if their experience is positive, they often will promote your business through word of mouth when they share experiences with their friends. And in industry, word-of-mouth travels fast and motivates people to deal with you. The customers will help promote your business free for you, a significant advantage of online marketing for business.

Your company can benefit immensely.

The Audience Decides How to Receive Your Content

Digital marketing offers options for the audience to choose the information they want to receive and how to receive it. For instance, one person may enjoy watching YouTube videos. Another may love reading blog posts. When online, a person can subscribe and unsubscribe from email communication, deciding what they want to read.

With traditional marketing, the audience doesn't get to give an opinion on the content to receive. And why is this important to your business? If you know what your customers need, you can fine-tune the messages and align them to meet the exact need. The information then will be of more value and accepted by your audience.

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Content is Available 24x7

Once you post your advert online, it will be available 24/7 worldwide until you remove it. The 24/7 availability takes care of different time zones and store hours. The campaign runs continuously on your website, so customers can visit your store and make purchases without interruption. In fact, promotional content on your website or blog can be available for years and will not cost you any extra money than when you initially set it up. So you save on the marketing budget.

Global Reach

With over 4.54 billion active internet users in the world, your business has a broad base of potential clients. A strategic campaign can reach a multitude of customers and boost your sales.

Easy to Automate Services

Do you want to be ahead of your competitors? Digital technology allows you to automate many of your services and work more efficiently.

Easy to Set Up

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it takes little time to set up. For example, you can set up a social media campaign from scratch and complete it within minutes.


Your business can reap the benefits of online marketing and increase profits. But you need to set up a marketing plan to boost sales and attract more customers. If you are looking to develop or strengthen your digital tactics, our team can help you. Our team shall review your business and identify the best marketing tools for you. Call us now on +919720077800 to see how we can work together.

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