5 Effective Tips For Starting An Ecommerce Store

One of the first inventions of human civilization was the notion of trade. There is simply nothing more natural and logical than wanting to trade something you don’t need for something you do. However, soon after this revolutionary discovery, money was introduced to the game and everything has changed forever. Several millennia later, we are standing on the verge of a new revolution and this time, commerce is migrating into the digital world merging in the notion of e-commerce. The best thing about it is that anyone can join this game, but in order to perform admirably you need to know a few things. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you in setting up your own e-store.

Visual influence

First thing first, the design of your store must be absolutely flawless. You should never neglect the influence of visual on your sales. It is well known that different colors and layouts affect people’s desire to spend more money. A perfect example of this are casinos which use colors and design psychology in order to get people to gamble more.

User Experience

Furthermore, in the recent conversation with people from experts skilled in Magento web design it came to our attention that even things such as whether a website has a horizontal or vertical layout play an important role here. There are several surveys suggesting that people better react to vertical when it comes to e-stores layout since this approach tends to seem more natural both on computers and mobile devices alike.

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Mobile friendly

Probably the most important thing you need to do when you start with your e-commerce website is to make it mobile-friendly. The reason behind this is a few vital statistics. The first one is that since 2015 there are officially more internet searches from phones than from computers. The second statistic is that by 2025 there will be about a 40% increase in mobile users in India. Now, you can always make an app for your e-store but it is usually much simpler and always cheaper to just optimize your website for mobile users.

Multiple payment options

Sure, in an ideal world there would be one online payment option and by implementing it to your website you would finish all your work in several minutes. In reality, however, you don’t get to choose what kind of payment your customers use and all you can do is adjust to their method of choice. In other words, the more payment methods your website is optimized for, the more money you are likely to make. It doesn’t get any simpler and any clearer than that.

The price is the key

Finally, even if you have the absolutely best design and optimal payment method out there, it means nothing if you are much more expensive than other stores in the same business niche. Most people are not that reckless with their money not to check several stores before they make a purchase and the same goes for e-stores as well. Now if they are not too lazy for this kind of research, neither should you be. Regularly visit your competitor’s e-commerce stores in order to make sure that you are still competitive with the prices.

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